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Locatepeople.com & Renterscheck


Locatepeople.com Traces People Through Help of Cyberspace

New Service Tracks Long-Lost Siblings, Future Nannies & 'Deadbeat Dads'

West Virginia - (INB) -- Locatepeople.com , https://www.locatepeople.com, a leading Internet based former detective agency, recently launched a group of new services designed to find anyone in the world within minutes, providing key background information to prospective spouses, employees and long-lost relatives - sometimes in seconds.

"Forget the days of hiring a former Private Detective and paying thousands for a lengthy search," said Leatherman, owner of Renterscheck -Locatepeople. "With the comprehensive intelligence of the Internet, we now have access to over thirty five billion records within 30 seconds." With a first and last name and a telephone or Social Security number, a searcher's request can be made via phone, email, or online. If the firm can't meet the request of a telephone search, the search is free.

The company is tied to a massive data bank which accesses more than 50 major networks of public information, including the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), credit bureaus, marriage and divorce records by State.  "People will go to great lengths to avoid being located. We saw a guy who changed his name from Fred to Frieda to avoid paying child support," said Leatherman.

If It's Information You Seek; Ye Shall Find.  Since 1996, Leatherman, a former licensed detective, has gradually broadened his business services from a focus on re-connecting families to re-connecting friends such as army buddies and classmates (LostPeople.com), to a national focus offering all types of searches (NationwideSearch.com). Most of the requests derive from larger states such as California, New York, and Washington.

One woman, who had been missing her son for 13 years, purchased a $30 online social security search this past Christmas. The fruitful results lead to a happy, joy-filled holiday for the entire family.

As with computers, the price of information has gone down drastically. The services which used to cost more than $1,000 in the 1980's now range between $30 to track a Social Security number to $300 for a Background Check including criminal, bankruptcy, and asset information. For custom searches, most results are available within one to three days.

"Today, even an 'Information Amateur' can find basic information on the Internet," said Leatherman. "However, when it comes to employee screening people want to verify everything - especially if the person is a prospective nanny. We're not here to invade people's privacy. We simply help people protect themselves with the one thing that has become the most powerful commodity on earth: information."

Major credit cards are accepted for online searches.

About Renterscheck -Locatepeople
Founded in 1996,  Locatepeople.com was created to provide specialized background investigations. As a former licensed detective agency, we serve clients from around the world with criminal, corporate, and personal public records / investigative work. The company recently expanded their corporate offices, which are based in West Virginia.


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