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   About this search
The people search by approx date of birth is one of the only proven ways to locate someone with just an name and very little information. By providing us with a full name and approx date of birth, we will enter this data into a national database to bring back current information on the missing person. The database used in this search is also used by law enforcement and detective firms. The Information is updated often to give you the most accurate results available. Your search will be conducted public record investigator in our firm.

Results that you will could receive. 

You may receive.

  • Full name.
  • Address history.
  • AKA's
  • Current address.
  • Past address history.
  • Cell numbers
  • Land line Telephone numbers.
  • Social security number / truncated 
  • Social security fraud alert.
  • Date of birth.
  • AKA's.
  • Other people using SS#.
  • Other social security numbers used by the subject.
  • Relatives, and neighbors.




We require that you know the subjects:
  • Full name (First and last name)
  • Last known location is helpful.
  • Subjects middle name is also helpful. (Not required)
  • Subject must be a US citizen.
  • This search can be used to locate missing people.



   Price/ Order

Order by credit card (Quickest way)

Price is: $29.99 US

By credit card.

The results of your search will be emailed directly to you.
Please provide an accurate email address.




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